Review: Bayou Alamanda

After my outdoor convo photoshoot on 19th June at Botanical Garden Putrajaya, I gave my BFFs a treat kat Bayou Alamanda. Bayou ni located near Starbucks, kat Esplanade Alamanda [kat luar]. New outlet..kalau dulu rasenye kedai yang lama kt situ The Coast, cm ala2 Chilis gak.

This one also not bad. Ade Wifi, customer service mesra alam, and ambience aman la...Foodwise..not bad.. =) Ktorg siap dapat dessert on the house lg tau! Price pun affordable. They serve western n local food ^-^

 Stuffed Chicken

 Honey Glazed Chicken

The name is Macho Chicken and I dunno why the name is like dat...

Cream pudding on the house!

My Verdict!
Taste: 8/10
Restaurant condition/ambience: 9/10
Customer service: 9/10
Overall: 9/10