Chocolate Puff

Despite the fatigue from joining CH Walkathon, tetap semangat lagi nak wat choc puff. However, I found the choc filling cm dry a little bit..hmm..xpe2..will learn to improve... ^-^ perhaps next time I can use choc sauce or spread instead of choc bar =)

1 pack of Kawan frozen pastry puff
Chopped choc bar
1 egg yolk
1 tbsp of water

For Glaze
3 tbsp of brown sugar
4 tbsp of water

1. Roll the pastry puff and cut into squares
2. Put the chopped choc at one side of the pastry, put a bit of water around the edges and fold the pastry
3. Press the edges with fork
4. Brush some egg yolk onto the pastry
5. Bake in the oven for 20-25 mins [until golden brown]
6. For glaze, dissolve the brown sugar with water. Once the pastry is baked, taken out and cool down, brush the glaze onto the pastry.

I asked my youngest brother to taste...and the verdict... "Sedap je"..haha..