I am terribly sorry...that I have yet to have time to update my blog. InsyaAllah when I am free enough I will keep posting stories and recipes. So many to tell and share, but not enough time.

May Allah keep you under His love and blessings


Busy Bee


Sorry sangat2 lama tak update blog.

Kehidupan agak sibuk lately. Dah kena attach to new project. Banyak nak kena belajar. Semoga dipermudah dan semoga  projek ni live dengan jayanya!

Oh project yang Mun kena assign ni based in Jakarta. So haritu seminggu duk sana. Nanti Mun share la ya.

Kadang2 yang wat lambat nak update sebab nk letak watermark kat gambar. Nak kene install semula Adobe Photoshop...

Okie dokie..

InsyaAllah ade rezeki dan kesempatan, ada la cerita2 sini.


Review: Tokio Kafe, Cyberjaya

I think the last time I went to Cyberjaya was during my MMU convocation.Super serious! Heheh...nowadays dah rajin dah jalan2 sana... and I say..whoa...banyak dah kedai makan kiri dan kanan. Livelier a bit la compared to dolu2... Hehe... Well we have Shaftsbury Square, Neo Cyber, just to name a few.

Cumanya...cam kat Bangi jugala. Bila nak makan tatau nak decide nak makan mana. Hehe...tanye perut lah camtu...

Haritu Baba ajak gi makan luar, kat Cyber. Mula2 nak makan kat Shaftsbury but most shops are closed due to Public Holiday.

Munzir ajak pi Tokio Kafe. I think it is located at Prima Avenue (opposite DHL office, near CIMB bank and next to Padi Restaurant) Hee..da bnyk landmark dah tu.

Well....Tokio Kafe huh? It serves fusion-ised Japanese food that suits to our tastebuds. Ada juga western food if you feel like having one. Munzir being superhungry ordered 2 meals that night...Hahaha..we understand him well. 

Mom and Dad

We go nuts.

Japanese Curry Rice with Salmon

Chicken Katsu Set

Chicken Teriyaki Set

Grilled Salmon Fish with Keylime

Chicken Katsu Udon Set

Mushroom Soup

Iced Green Tea latte

Carrot Orange Juice

Green tea
it comes with the set meal

The food was okay to me as am not a big fan of Japanese food tho... if Japanese pun, I will opt for Udon :)

But it is worth to try ^_^

My Verdict
Restaurant condition/ambience: 8.5/10
Customer service: 8/10
Overall: 8.5/10

Review: Wangsa Grill by Chef Zubir

This is the 2nd time I went to Chef Zubir restaurant. The first time was on Mama's birthday at Laman Grill Bangi.

#twimc brought me here after long walk at the Zoo.. yeah Zoo.. hehe...rather than wasting time walking around doin' nothing at shopping malls + money goes off unexpectedly a.k.a shopping nonsense, better go jalan2 tgk nature. By the way, Zoo Negara is in progress to be one of the World's best zoo...but from what I saw, far from it and they definitely need to put in extra2 effort to gain the world's best zoo status. I can't even remember the last time I go to the zoo. Perhaps next we can go to Bird's Park or Butterfly farm ^_^.

Ok back to the food. Well, if you feel like having fine dining food at a reasonable price, this place must be in your 'To Go' list.

The food is simply delicious. Friendly service from the staff. How I wish to meet Chef Zubir in person (actually met him once during iftar with VPC last two years at Le Meridien/Hilton KL)

Award recognitions!

My fave Masterchef judge

Strawberry :)

Ice lemon tea
(see a bowl of muruku chips there...hehe..almost finished sbb lapar. they served us that while waiting for the food. kire ok lah...)

Seafood Clypso
Slice of watermelon
Topped with coral salad
Squids, prawn and clam in a 'sort-of-thousand-island kinda' dressing
The sauce tasted like watermelon and mint :)

Someone feels like having ribs...after soooooooo long
There you go... BBQ ribs. 

Yours truly opt for Beef Roulade
with chicken filling in the middle
crispy beef surrounds it
Bits of corns
on a bed of some sort of pea soup (ohh it is delish)
and veges of course!
Love it!

I think during peak hours you gotta make reservation. Tp time ni kosong...so ok la..managed to get a seat :) Tq #twimc for the lunch treat! May Allah bless u ^_^

8-10, Jalan Dataran Wangsa, 
Wangsa Melawati, 53300 Kuala Lumpur
6019-6105783/ 6012-6995417

My Verdict
Restaurant condition/ambience: 9/10
Customer service:9/10
Overall: 9.5/10

Farewell to Sis Erna

My sis gonna fly (or by the time I jot this down, she is already a student of Queensland Technology University) doing her Masters.

Managed to meet her up before she left and made her Murtabak Roti. Had a date at Serai, Shaftsbury Square Cyberjaya.

The first time I went to Serai was with my parents at Empire Gallery Subang. I love the food there. They say that it has the awesome-mest pavlova so I wanna try.

Kampung Fried Rice

Teh Tarik

Sang Har Yin Yong

Iced Honey Lemon

 The food is great and the service is friendly. There are so many good food joints around Cyberjaya that you could try ^_^ even in Shaftsbury Square.

Goodluck Kak Erna for your Masters
You're so lucky to do it oversea.
May you always be protected by Allah wherever you are.
Uhibbuki Fillah

My Verdict
Restaurant condition/ambience: 9/10
Customer service: 9/10
Overall: 8.5/10

Cheese Balls

Gara-gara tengok iklan KFC (or more likely listen to radio). Never tried it before, so saje je buat pun. Tatau la rasa sama ke tak kan. Tapi yang tu tengok cam pakai breadcrumbs and I am out of it so guna cornflakes je.

3 Biji kentang, direbus dan dilenyek
3 sudu tepung gandum
Garam dan lada hitam secukup rasa
Keju cheddar blok, dipotong kiub
1 Biji telur
Breadcrumbs/cornflakes yang dah dihancurkan
Minyak untuk menggoreng

1. Dalam mangkuk, campurkan kentang yang dilenyek dan tepung gandum. Masukkan garam dan lada hitam. Kacau rata.
2. Bentukkan bebola dan leperkan, masukkan keju dan bentuk jadi bola
3. Celup dalam telur dan kemudian gaul dalam breadcrumb/cornflakes
4. Goreng sehingga kekuningan
5. Hidang bersama sos cili

Cakap pasal sos, sos Agromas Cili Padi is my current fave now! Siapa yang tahan pedas boleh la try nie.

Snapshots (Part 3)


Some random snapshots shared in my IG :)

First time teman #twimc fishing. rezeki dapat 3 ekor ikan Jenahak & 1 Kerapu yang hugeeee! Pasni if teman lagi kene bawak buku la...sebab beliau fishing lame woh. Takpe..dapat fish, I cook the fish!

Hafiez Wedding

My neighbour's son wedding reception ^_^ Ade la jumpe some celebs... hee..taaapi paling sempoi is Nabil! Serious. Wife dia cantik and his daughter supercute!

My beautiful neighbours. I grew up with them since 1994

Emcee of the nite

Photobooth. Xde keje dua beradik nie

BFF Lunch at Paradigm Mall
Incomplete gang...yang takde Kiyai, Sally & Farah. Now En.Kherl dah ade geng..hahaha...

My girls *love*

Finally the princess fall asleep. Found a comfy spot I think :p
Mula2 shy2, pastu kemain suke okeh! 

Shopping with Mum
Kat Bangi skang banyak butik dah buka. Most of them are previously online. My fave AHC is here! Bila plak Sugarscarf nak bukak butik kat Bangi eh. Mama sed Jakel is opening soon. Gooood! Takyah shopping kain raya kt KL lg dah. Kat Bangi da macam2 ada. Salun Muslimah ada 2, satu kat Seri Bangi and satu kat Bangi Getaway. Hehehe....

Mama ajak teman shopping haritu...so kite ikut je le..sudahnye yours truly banyak membeli...ooops!

Dah rotate pun still camni..aiyoh!